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There are no SELEX methods to exclusively identify aptamers binding to cell surface protein while maintaining their native state. Addressing this need we developed a variant of SELEX called “Ligand Guided Selection (LIGS).

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In collaboration with Steven Benner, we combined the enhanced diversity of an AEGIS (Artificially Expanded Genetic Information Systems)-DNA library and the advantages of LIGS to identify highly selective functional aptamers consisting of AGTCZP against TCR-CD3ε in their native functional state.

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We also optimized LIGS incorporating human cells to address bias of generating aptamers against receptors on cultured cells. These aptamers represent the very first synthetic ligand against TCR-CD3ε.  Additionally, during this study we demonstrated the simplicity of LIGS in expanding the repertoire of targets cells including primary human T-cells.

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We are interested in engineering selected aptamers as modulators of cell-cell interactions. We are particularly interested in designing bivalent or bispecific aptamer-based tool to understand how cells interacts with its extracellular environment.

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We designed a bispecific aptamer with molecular switches that can sense tumor microenvironment and promote precise and specific recognition of T-cells.

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We designed bivalent aptamers against TCr-CD3 which can function as cell activators.