Hasan Ekrem Zümrüt

Hasan Ekrem ZümrütI am from Istanbul in Turkey. I completed my undergraduate education in Chemistry in Turkey and came to the United States for graduate education. Due to my equal interest in Biology and Chemistry, I decided to extend my knowledge into the field of Biochemistry. After completing Master’s in Biochemistry from City College of New York, I joined the PhD program in Biochemistry at the Graduate Center, CUNY. I have been in the research group of Dr. Mallikaratchy since 2014. Our main research focus is the identification of nucleic acid aptamers targeting important surface markers. In our lab, we developed a novel selection strategy for the development of aptamers against desired cell-membrane proteins. My research project involves generating aptamers against T-cell receptor complex using Ligand Guided Selection. Outside of the lab, I enjoy playing strategy games like Chess and reading.